Stage speech and painting description of the artist Reinhard Gussmagg

Convention Villach / 28th May 2016

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

It was a great honour for me to be invited to the convention in Villach in order to tell you something about the Kiwanis painting I have created. But please let me explain how that came about. It was at the Innovation congess in Villach last November when I met Andreas Kavalirek for the first time. He was impressed by my way of painting business and event topics and I was impressed by the incredible spirit of the Kiwanis, so we discussed the possibility of artistic support for the convention. A few months ago I had a deeper conversation with Ernest Schmid about the sense and purpose of Kiwanis in general and especially of the convention. So I became more familiar with the subject and was able to understand the important messages of the organisation. From my point of view, the core message is about the children all over the world, so I decided to bring that point to the center of attention. This is the point of attraction where the eyes first meet the painting and from where you start to discover the rest of the picture. Enthusiastic children, holding each other by their hands, running greatfully into a safe future. Self-confident, searching for new adventures, leaving limiting conditions behind, ready to discover the tomorrow of planet earth. The background is arranged with warm and bright colours . The contrast with dark and cold shades on the left brings the necessary tension to the painting. And the red colours below are definitly the colours of the Präsident Ernest Schmid. So it was his order!

The 100 year history started in Detroit and is displayed above the beam of the flying heart. And as you can see the heart just flies over Villach right now. It transforms love into energy for supporting children all over the planet through your hands!

Thank you for all the inspiring conversations that evening!

I wish you all the best!

Reinhard Gussmagg

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